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Short sale Negotiation

How does a short sale work? There are very few companies that know how to successfully negotiate a Short Sale. Many individuals believe that it is only necessary to submit an offer and wait for the bank to accept it. That's why a strategic plan is necessary.
A strategic plan ensures success by persuading the lender to agree with your offer.

We offer all-inclusive short sale negotiation services for homeowners, attorneys, and real estate professionals.

We work with Independent attorneys & TITLE COMPANies

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Conduct value dispute
  • In-house processing department
  • Onsite marketing department
  • Complete documentation to ensure faster turnaround
  • Knowledge of HUD's new short sale requirements

We utilize our best efforts to effectuate a negotiated settlement with the seller's lender(s) that results in a written agreement providing a release of the lien(s) so the property can be sold to a third-party. To accomplish this goal, the following services are provided:
Negotiation with the seller's lender(s) in an effort to have the lender(s) accept a discounted payoff in exchange for a release of its lien(s) and, potentially, in exchange for full satisfaction of the loan(s).
Analysis as to whether the seller should be afforded protection
We will negotiate with the seller's lender(s) prior to close of escrow in an attempt to mitigate and/or eliminate the seller's potential deficiency liability.
In the event the seller's lender(s) asks the seller to execute a promissory note in exchange for a release of the liens, we will negotiate with the lender(s) in an effort to have the promissory note reduced or eliminated.
Assistance is provided to clients in gathering all necessary documents required for the lender to process the seller's short sale application.
Assistance is provided to clients should they have questions regarding the completion of the various forms and documents requested by their lender(s).
Management and protection of the seller's sensitive personal and financial information and documents.
Periodic and timely updates provided to the seller regarding the status of the short sale application.


  • Protect Credit
  • Eligible To Purchase Another Home
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Prevent Foreclosure
  • Save Money


  • Independent Mortgage Broker
  • REO Broker
  • Independent Legal Team
  • Independent Title Company
  • Independent Short Sale Negotiator
  • Short Sale Specialist
  • Home Inspection
  • Property Management

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